Established in Touraine for many generations, OUDIN is a family business that cultivates values of excellence and innovation.

We put people and the customer experience at the heart of our business.

As a creator of materials, we have acquired over the years a recognized expertise in the value and control of recuperated cellulosic fibers, allowing us to offer our customers a range of eco-designed cartons meeting all their needs.

Known for its dynamism and its ability to innovate, OUDIN defends strong values:






OUDIN is committed to a proactive approach to meet its CSR commitments and contribute to putting the economy at the service of People and the Environment.

The agility and competence of the teams must make it possible to advance the company towards a responsible development vis-à-vis future generations.


The company is located at the edge of the Indre river in a green setting. Since its creation, it has paid particular attention to the preservation of resources.

It invests every year to improve its environmental performance, in particular to save energy, reduce its air emissions, and reduce the amount of water used…

créateur de matières

OUDIN is « Créateur de Matière”

  • Drawing on the talents of its teams,
  • By valuing raw materials,
  • By mastering the entire sector,
  • Continuously adapting a rigid process to make it a flexible tool in line with its markets

Tailor made

Traditions of excellence, passion for the profession and spirit of innovation are the foundations of our know-how. They enable us to offer exceptional products and tailor-made solutions to our customers.

Family story

The Cartonnerie OUDIN has its origins on the banks of the Indre where was created in the 14th century the first paper mill of Truyes.

In 1815, Gustave Oudin became owner of the Moulin des Fontaines. It is now in the same family, implanted in the same place, assurance of stability and sustainability.

1850: Creation of the current site with installation of the first continuous paperboard machine.

1914-1918: Manufacture of cardboard by women who continued operating the company.

1946: Reopening of the Henri Oudin & Cie Packaging plants.

Vue aerienne de l'usine OUDIN

Since the 80’s, permanent transformation of the manufacturing production, with the integration of new technologies.

2000-2005: A period of transformation towards the covered? packaging market.

From 2010 to 2020: launch of a scalable range for flexible packaging and adaptation of products for new uses.

2020 to the present: investments to improve our capacity for transformation and to offer dedicated, environmentally friendly and versatile solutions.

Coupeuse en ligne OUDIN