sustainable development

The current climate challenges requires real change. Our industry is committed to achieving ambitious goals that require a transition to sustainable solutions. Sustainability is not just about our company and our products. We want to be one of the players offering dedicated solutions that have a positive impact for the end consumer, our company, the planet and future generations.

Our environmental

Over time, the company has based its development on the responsible use of the resources it needs:

Circular economy

After being used, the paper/paperboard products are largely recuperated, then sorted by quality.

We use these recycled materials to make our pulp.

We source within a perimeter of 250 km which allows us to contribute to a circular economy approach in our region by promoting short circuits

preserve water

Pulp and paperboard production requires the use of water at many stages of the industrial process. Water acts as a support for the fibres throughout the manufacturing process and contributes to their proper distribution during sheet formation.

Most of the water used in the paper process is recycled.

The preservation of water and its use are among our main objectives. The various actions implemented have enabled us to reduce our water use by 40% per tonne between 2008 and 2018, 528,000 m3 saved while we increased our production by 30%. It should be noted that we have our own water treatment plant that is able to treat water for a population of 5,000 inhabitants.

Energy saving

Papermaking processes require the use of energy. Two types of energy are used in the manufacture of pulp and board: electricity as the driving force for the machines and gas used to produce heat for drying.

Our action plan enabled us to reduce our gas consumption by 30% between 2008 and 2018, or 36,000 kt/CO2eq of CO2 saved, and a 20% reduction in our electricity consumption over the same period.







At OUDIN, all our decisions are taken in line with our values and our strategy while maintaining a financial balance.

The company is committed to people through the passion of its profession, respect for tradition, the transmission of values, actions for the territory and the preservation of resources.

« Man at the heart of the company

OUDIN is characterized by strong values:


Our unique heritage, cultivated from generation to generation, based on traditions of excellence, the passion of the profession, the spirit of innovation serves as the basis for our development. We cultivate this exceptional heritage in an entrepreneurial spirit, with a long-term vision, while respecting its strength and uniqueness.

We must combine exemplary character and responsibility in our actions: from the design of our products to the experience for our customers throughout their relationship, from our investment decisions to our societal and environmental approach.

Because our activities require diverse talents, we strive to form high-performing and agile teams. Because transmission is at the heart of our culture, we want to make it a lever for social and professional integration. Because nature surrounds us, preserving it is a strategic imperative.

The values and actions embodied in the sustainable development dimension are part of a tradition that is an integral part of our heritage. The success of our Company in the long term depends as much on the strength of its economic model and its strategy of profitable growth as on the permanence of its commitments to serve its markets through creativity, its know-how, excellence and respect for sustainability in all these aspects.

The CSR policy is based on three strong commitments:


The OUDIN paperboard plant develops a social policy based on strong principles of respect for people.

It promotes the expression of the talents of each collaborator, the implementation of their expertise and know-how. It values human wealth and encourages initiatives in these areas. It also helps to make its know-how known to younger generations.

It encompasses a continuous process of improving life in the company in terms of safety, health and ergonomics at the workplace.


Cartonnerie OUDIN collaborates in the preservation of the planet’s resources.

It develops a sustainable approach ranging from the design to the development of products, to the measurement and control of consumption and waste, the optimization of waste by favouring recycling, to the evolution of the site with the permanent concern of the regulatory framework.

It communicates on its approach, its actions and the progress of its objectives.

Its social

It contributes to various corporate philanthropy activities, the various axes of which reflect and transmit its fundamental values.

It develops local initiatives for the preservation of heritage and youth and shows active solidarity with people with disabilities

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